About Us


As our name suggests, we’re simple girls with a little bit of sass. With that in mind, we’ll keep this simple..

One of us is Emma, and one of us is Amber. We’ve been best friends for the most part of 6 years and although at first we were chalk and cheese, nowadays we often act like two peas in a pod. Both of us have very recently graduated (with great results, yes!) and have rather a lot of time on our hands.

What’s the reason for this blog?

Having all this spare time means we need to find ways to fill it. After writing many pointless lists (all of which looked really pretty and exciting) we decided to start this blog. Neither of us has a particular specialty,Β which gives us the opportunity to design a blog about anything and everything in life.


I’m Amber

3 words to describe me: Cheeky, Supportive,Β Mother-hen

3 words to describe Emma: Sentimental, Courageous, Loyal

3 of my favourite things: Camping, Dancing, Reading


I’m Emma

3 words to describe me: Bubbly, Creative, Dreamer

3 words to describe Amber: Big-hearted, Ambitious, Adventurous

3 of my favourite things: Picnics, Photography, Yoga