Emma’s July favourites

I swear these always start exactly the same way, and I don’t really just want to follow the crowd but ‘how the hell are we already a week into August?’ I still think it seems like Christmas was only a month or two ago. I have so many exciting things coming up in my life right now so I find myself almost wishing away time, and its only when I sit back and look at the last month I realise how much I don’t want things to keep going as speedy as they are at the moment, really wish I could hit pause and take a moment to just really enjoy my life as it is right now! These are some of the things that have made this last month just dandy!!


Makeup choice of the month – By Terry Ombre Blackstar Melting Eyeshadows

IMG_1468.JPG I really didn’t know what to pick this month for makeup as nothing really screamed out to me like “hello I’m amazing!!” And then I realised that’s because I really love all the things I’m using at the moment that and I’ve been using them for such a long time that I just take them as a given instead of really appreciating them for the great products they are! I have chosen these eyeshadows because of their staying power and versatility, I mainly use them as a base as other eyeshadows stick great to them and it makes them last longer, but I also use them on their own for a sweep of colour. They really are so easy to apply, (which is great when you’re not very good with makeup) they’re very blendable and really do last all day! I would definitely recommend these to anyone who asks.

Skincare choice of the month – Elemis Rehydrating Ginseng Toner.

IMG_1480.JPGThis month we have been lucky enough to finally see some beautiful weather and like all other Britons I like to complain about it being too hot from time to time. This month I haven’t really had to though as I have been using this Elemis Rehydrating toner as a refreshing face mist whenever things get a little too hot for me to handle, a spritz of this and I’m cool as a cucumber again, meaning I can really make the most of the rare beautiful British weather.

Food choice of the month – Matalan Ice Lolly Makers 

Ice Lollies.jpgThere’s nothing I love more than an ice cream when the weather is nice, although the idea was this summer that I lose a little weight, so snacking on magnums probably isn’t hugely ideal (although I still do as a little treat). This month I’ve been freezing any left overs from smoothies that I have made in my ice lolly makers, and then been reaching for the far healthier frozen smoothie lolly instead of the magnum when I need a refreshing treat. One thing I do find really annoying though is getting them out of the tubs when they’re frozen, as that can be a real pain in the bum, so does anyone have any tips for that if you’ve made your own ice lollies before? These ones are so cute, they’re from Matalan and were only £2.

Clothing choice of the month – ASOS Deep Fold Bardot Off The Shoulder Midi Pencil In Bright Tropical Floral £55.00

Graduation dress similar As my graduation fell in July I really couldn’t pick anything other than my graduation dress for this choice, I truly loved it and got so many compliments. I really love the style of this dress as it is bang on trend right now with the off the shoulder look, but also, as I don’t like my arms, it hides them just perfectly and I found that the material was just perfectly hugging to my figure so that it was very flattering on me! I like the style so much I also have it in another pattern and have my eye on this one too.

Lifestyle choice of the monthStumbleUpon


This is an app that I absolutely adore, I’m one of those people that loves to read random articles and spends far too long procrastinating, and this little app is really great if you love that stuff too. It’s so much quicker than just surfing the internet for hours because it’s all there in front of you and if you don’t like something it’s super quick to whizz past that article. You can tailor it to whatever your interests are, from Beauty, to Religion, to Computers the options really are endless, and it’s just an app that I find myself on all the time when I get bored (maybe a little too much time just before bed thought).


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