Amber’s July Favourites

How is it August already?! Another summer month has flown by (way too quickly), so I’m sharing with you what I’ve loved over July…

Amber's 014

1. ‘Wake me up in Paradise’ Pyjamas

I LOVE THESE. They are just adorable, and I actually managed to get these in the sale so even more reason to love them. Pyjamas are one of my favourite things to buy, and I definitely own way too many already,Β but look how pretty they are!

Amber's 002

2. Pure Diva Perfume

This New Look perfume is the perfect substitute for my usual expensive Lancome one. Pure Diva smells literally identical to my ‘La Belle et Vie’ scent that my boyfriend buys me, and I love it! This high street version means that I can still smell like a goddess, but at a much cheaper rate, which is ideal given my current financial situation (cry).

Amber's 008

3. Superdrug Salt Infusion SurfΒ Spray

As you already know, I’ve been enjoying the beach, so it comes as no surprise that I also love that ‘beachy’ look on my hair. The way it feels and looks after swimming in the sea (or even being in close proximity to it) is amazing, and I needed to find a way to create this look without having to swim… This sea salt spray is sooo good, and really does give me a look that says ‘hey, I’ve just been surfing and looking sexy on the beach all day’. Its also really affordable as it’s Superdrug’s own brand, and they have all sorts of haircare in this same style so I highly recommend it if you’re on a budget like moi.

Amber's 011

4. Superdrug Makeup Bag

Another great purchase from Superdrug is this makeup bag. I love the cute and simple pattern as I’m not usually a lover of a lot of colour, so these subtle summery stripes are perfect. I was in search of a makeup bag that was big enough to hold all of my necessities, but not too big that it couldn’t fit snugly into an overnight bag. As this is a recent purchase, I’m yet to give my full review, but its pink, stripey and holds makeup…what’s not to love?


5. RightMove

This last favourite is a bit unique, but it’s actually the RightMove website, as I’ve been spending most of my evenings on this searching for flats. I’m due to move over the next few months, and flat searching is actually enjoyable….if you don’t look at the prices. Finances aside though, this website is ideal, as you can save properties you love to your account and easily share them, which is essential for me as I constantly send loads to my boyf (even if he doesn’t care). Sometimes, just sometimes, I search for massive houses with no price limits, just to sit and dream.



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