Emma’s Living Room Wishlist & Inspiration

I’M MOVING OUT!!!! (and I’m a little excited about it) One thing that I have realised is that moving out is really really expensive, it seems to be a lot more expensive than moving out as a student, maybe that’s because I’m moving on my own this time, or maybe its because council tax, deposit, rent in my home town, furniture and all the other costs associated are just RIDIC!

This does all mean that I can only afford to furnish with the basics (and I’ll be living off toast and beans for a while) but that hasn’t stopped me searching the web for things I would love to be able to buy! I now have long lists of things I want for birthdays, Christmas and any other present giving celebration I can muster. I thought I’d share with you some of my ideas.

LOUNGE INSPIRATION – click here to view the website where this came from.



My first purchase was actually a sofa, I knew that I wanted a grey one so we went down to DFS and they had a perfect ex display sofa on offer, as soon as I saw it i knew that was the one I wanted but we looked round like 20 stores before coming back to that one every time (click here.) This was by far my most expensive purchase although significantly cheaper as ex display with marks. Once I had my sofa picked out I searched Pinterest for some inspiration and this is the kind of feel I want to go for, lots of cushions and throws on the sofa, and the colour scheme grey, black and white, with wooden and copper touches (I know, my house will look like every other bloggers with the copper, but how can you resist!


These are some of the things that i found, the footstool can be found here from Next, I also quite like it in the other colours so will see how I feel when I move. All of the cushions and the throw are from H&M, which I am absolutely loving right now. I definitely need to find some more coloured cushions, if anyone knows where there are cute ones for sale, help a girl out! The side table is beautiful (but probably out of my price range for a while) and can be found here from Urban Outfitters. The Snuggle chair is another thing I wont be able to afford for a LONG time, but couldn’t not include it as it’s so cute! it’s also from Next. Finally, the lightshade is only £14.99 and can be found here.

This was originally going to be for each room in my flat but that looked a little long, I will probably do one for my Bedroom also as I got some cool stuff, but let me know if there are any other rooms you would like to see my inspiration and finds for.


2 thoughts on “Emma’s Living Room Wishlist & Inspiration

  1. Yay congrats for moving out! I moved out in October and it’s so ridiculously expensive!! Council tax, bills and furniture are crazy. I love all of the things you’ve picked out for inspiration, you have the same taste as me! I hope the move goes smoothly! X


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