Amber’s Basic Beach Bag

I don’t know about you, but I have been loving this mini-heatwave that’s arrived in the UK. Feeling like you’re in Ibiza whilst laying on your local beach just feels incredible! 

Over the past week or so I’ve managed to hit the beach 4 days in a row, which is pretty impressive, considering last year (and possibly even the year before that) I hit the beach a total of 0 times over the whole summer. With that in mind, I have made it my mission to make the most of living by the coast this year and really get my tan on (you’ll be pleased to know I’m already quite tanned, so things can only get better, right?).

Living very near the beach means that I don’t really need to take a lot of things with me for a whole day out, because if I’m seriously desperate for anything I can just pop back home, which is fab! So this is why I have a ‘basic beach bag‘, filled with only my absolute essentials for chilling and tanning in the sun.

DSCF1553 (2)

  • First up is an obvious one, but it’s probably the most forgotten item for a lot of people – sun cream. My favourite one to use is this classic Nivea spray, which is actually the invisible version so even better, no more white marks on my bikini! Here in the UK, I only need to use the factor 20, but when I go abroad I tend to purchase factor 30 or more, depending on the country.

DSCF1569 (4)

  • Sunglasses! These are another obvious essential when the sun is out, but being a glasses wearer means I can’t always have the luxury of wearing my sunnies all day long. I do have contact lenses, but as soon as they get dry (generally from wearing them for too long) I have to resort to my boring seeing glasses, which are not as pretty as my sunglasses (booo).


  • I am embarrassingly a bit of a sweaty betty when it gets the tiniest bit hot. So imagine me in 30 degree heat…not pretty, so this is a necessity if I’m out for the whole day. Again, this is a Nivea product (double effect antiperspirant) because I think it really works and stays put for as much as possible.


  • My headphones are not always used, but are a great thing to pack if there’s screaming children nearby (I love kids) or loud people. These are the bog-standard Apple iPhone headphones that came with in my box, god help me if these break because I can’t afford to actually buy them. Recently, I’ve been listening to The Ricky Gervais Show quite a lot as it never fails to make me laugh, and it makes a change to the same music I hear in my car 24/7!

DSCF1555 (2)

  • Quite clearly from my previous post, I am a bookworm, so it’s no surprise to everyone that I take a book with me to the beach as my prime activity while tanning. The one in my picture here is ‘The Singles Game’ by Lauren Weisberger (she also wrote The Devil Wears Prada) and although I’m only a few chapters in, I already love it.





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