8 things we wish we knew before we finished university.

As you already know, we both recently graduated. Since being back home, one of us has managed to rewatch all 5 seasons of 90210 (cough Emma cough), and has become addicted to Love Island. The other has also achieved great things…learning origami. Our parents think we’re super lazy because we aren’t working a 9-5 job yet (let us have this Summer PLEASE) and this is what we’ve learnt so far:


  • You’ll probably feel like a failure (at some point) – I don’t know what it is about finishing university that makes you feel like a failure, even though Emma’s one of the lucky ones that has a job lined up (touches wood for results day), there’s just something quite depressing about seeing all the posts of all your friends travelling the world whilst you’re curled in bed watching Jeremy Kyle. Also, everyone always asks what you’re doing with your life now, and the only response we seem to conjure up is “well actually, today I said hello to the postman, sat on the sofa, proceeded to watch Netflix all day….then I moved to the bedroom to continue watching Netflix.”


  • You’ll be familiar with the face of disapproval – This one follows on from the last one, but it’s that look that people with full time jobs give you, and that is just something we don’t need in our lives right now thank you very much. We’ve worked bloody hard for the past 3 years, leave us alone!


  • You’ll miss your friends – This is a pretty obvious one but we both wish someone had reminded us to really appreciate your housemates, coursemates, team mates, alcohol mates (you know those people that you always see on a night out and act like your best friend, but haven’t actually had a single sober conversation with), people that you watch through the windows and feel like you know pretty well (wait what?! We didn’t do that!). Long story short, you don’t live with your friends anymore and although you probably hated them at times because they left the washing up and then denied it was them (everyone knows it was you!), you’ll still miss them, so appreciate them and make the most of your time together!


  • Your low maintenance friends back home are a dream – You’ve been in the university bubble for three years or more and chances are that you didn’t quite keep up with all of the friendships that you had before you left, and that’s ok! It does however mean you might feel a tad unpopular when you come back home and no-one’s knocking on your door to hang out (not that people still do that, or do they?). We wish we were prepared for this feeling, and had perhaps made a little more effort with some people who we were close to before university. Try not to worry too much though, because with some people things will never change, no matter how long it’s been, and those people really are the best people anyway!


  • It’s not ALL bad – If you love university you probably don’t love the idea of moving home, spending copious amounts of time without your friends (and alcohol). The plus side of being home was this whole ‘rent-free’ business, where we save loads of money and get free food (bonus) because let’s face it houses are extortionate, so we won’t be moving into one on our own for a while. Being home for a little longer than we initially thought has not turned out to be so bad. Home cooked meals are the absolute dream, and to be honest our parents know we do our own thing now, so they tend to leave us to occupy ourselves! Oh and no one cares how many times you use the washing machine or accidently leave a light on (another bonus). So really, we can’t complain too much..


  • Mums’ roast dinners really are the best – As we said, home cooked meals are a winner, and no matter how impressed you were with the huge roast dinner that you managed to cook for 10 people, it’s no comparison to that of your Mums/Dads/Nans/G-dads. However, we do now pride ourselves on having the ability to contribute to the cooking process – note the proud face of Emma who cooks potatoes to perfection, and that of Amber’s who is the Queen of yorkshire puddings. Why is this on the list of things you wish you knew before moving home you ask? Who knows, but maybe it’s just a reminder for us to appreciate the little things.


  • You’ll feel indifferent to hoovering– There are pros and cons of the hoover situation when you move home from university. At first it’s great because the hoover actually works, which is why we got a tad excited when using one that really does clean the floor (not that we used the Uni ones all that much HA). Then comes the realisation that not only do your parents expect you to DO some hoovering, but they have not purchased student friendly coloured carpet that hides all crumbs/stains/alcohol spillages…general things that we took for granted at Uni!


  • You don’t need to worry what people think – This is one of those things that everyone says, and we’re definitely people that care too much what other people think, to the point where we won’t do things because we feel judged (Hello! We’ve wanted to do a blog for years and now only had the courage because it’s together) Seeing how quickly people from Uni drop out of your life means you shouldn’t have cared so much about what they think, because you probably won’t see half of them ever again. Also, those who do judge you shouldn’t be your friends, because real friends would love you for who you want to be (soppy)!

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