Emma’s Courgetti Bolognese

I am an absolute sheep when it comes to the latest “fad diets” or cooking trends…it’s definitely something I need to discourage in my life as I always end up wasting so much money following them, buying the latest and greatest equipment. If anyone knows of a cure, please help! (Is there a fad followers anonymous?)

One trend I am pretty happy I got on board with though is the spiralizer, although I don’t do it often enough, I absolutely love the way it looks! I love making the rainbow salads because they look so cool, and as I’m not a big salad lover myself, they have to look super delicious for me to actually eat them!

One of my favourite courgetti recipes is the Deliciously Ella one (it’s amazing), but I figured I’d try something new and made a courgetti bolognese, it was super yummy! It was actually a slimming world bolognese recipe, with a few little tweaks, and I just stir-fried the courgetti and served with a side salad.

I took plenty of pictures after I did all the chopping and prep work, however, when it came to taking the pictures of the finished meal, I was too busy stuffing my face to remember so I’m sorry about the super quick iPhone snap and no actual served meal (what a fail – I promise I’ll remember next time!).



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