Amber’s June Favourites

Above are some of my favourite and/or most used products from June, so let me tell you a little bit about why I love them..

  1. got2b glued Hairspray

blog 3

I SWEAR by this hairspray. Always have and always will! It has the most amazing hold and lasts all day/night long, so it’s perfect for summery days out. I also love the style of the can and more unusually the nozzle, which sounds like a very strange thing to love in a hairspray but once you use it, you’ll understand!


  1. Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

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Being a late-comer to the whole micellar water trend, I was hesitant as to whether it actually worked. After a friend recommending it so many times, I decided it was time to bite the bullet, and purchased two travel sized bottles for just a £1 each (bargain!). I can honestly say now that I could not live without this product. It is truly astonishing how much dirt comes off my skin, even after using a good make-up wipe! This is definitely worth investing in and I even prefer the smaller travel bottles, as they fit perfectly in handbags/overnight bags.


  1. L’oreal Foundation (Ivory, due to lack of sun in this country)

blog 1

I’ve used this foundation for a while now, and was so upset when it ran out that I went out that day to replace it (it’s that good). I find it works really well with my skin tone and doesn’t wash me out, even though the shade is ivory. It gives great coverage as well and lasts throughout majority of the day, as long as I don’t do anything too active (that’s my excuse for not exercising…). My main reason for loving this, along with all the above, is that it’s so affordable. At just £9.99 you really can’t complain for a decent brand and a foundation that doesn’t mess up your skin.

  1. Ripped Jeans

blog 5

Both my pairs are from American Eagle Outfitters which is a brand I already love, so I knew they would be good quality, reliable jeans. I live in them. No joke. I love this style of jeans at the moment as they are super comfy, which is perfect for my little muffin top I’ve gained post-university. My initial problem was finding suitable tops to go with them that don’t make me look ‘frumpy’, but after trying on different styles I know what works best, for both day and night!


  1. Zoella’s Book Club

I am loving this new idea Zoella has launched. It both encourages young people to read more, and gives me fab ideas for my next book purchases, whilst also saving me money! I love a light-hearted book that’s easy to read, so the books she has suggested so far sound perfect to fill up my summer (and I’ve actually already read a couple of them). So expect to hear some book favourites/recommendations over this coming month..


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