The Last Summer

Our life plans now that we are fully fledged adults….

√   Start a blog about our life plans

√   Tell readers how we plan to fulfil aforementioned life plans

√   Attempt to fulfil life plans

√   Panic when we do not fulfil life plans

Graduating seems like such an exciting experience, and moving on to the next chapter means we have to make the most of our last summer of freedom! Finding inspiration is easy-peasy considering everywhere around us people are off globe-trotting, but social media scrolling becomes disheartening when the majority of your friends are posting  photos of either sizzling Greek beaches or scenic views of Thailand. Unfortunately for us, these awe-inspiring destinations might involve a little more money than we currently own….put together.

So here we are stuck in a country with unpredictable weather, which makes it extremely hard for us to plan anything remotely exciting or outdoorsy (basically anything we find fun).

How do we combat this dull-weathered boredom?

Watch endless Netflix I hear you say? As much as this appeals to both of our personalities we also love to keep busy and learn new things, and we don’t think you’ll want to read about us working our way through the entirety of its’ box sets and Disney films, so Netflix will have to take a backseat for now (never thought we’d say that).

Instead, we thought it would be fun to try new hobbies, investigate what we love and generally motivate each other using this blog, to ensure we both don’t lie in our pyjama caves for 24 hours straight! We are also planning to eat much better than we did in our student lives, and attempt to exercise a lot more….well, a little more…Picture3

We hope you find us as entertaining as we find ourselves (we think we’re really funny…) and that you finish reading our blogs with a smile on your face!


Stay Sassy  xx




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