Amber’s Home Inspiration

More recently I find myself scanning Pinterest for home inspiration, even though I don’t quite have one yet, and I love it. I love how easy it is to save something you like, and click on any links if you want to see how/where anything was made/bought.

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Being a girl is really hard: Stories of a wannabe girly girl.

I’m currently surrounded by boxes of unopened products, as I attempt to clear out in order to move, two things have become clear; firstly I need to actually start using this stuff up (I’m literally surrounded) and secondly, I don’t actually know how to use most of this stuff, it lead me to think about how hard being a girl really is and how I really suck at it.

What the hell is toner? Do I need to use it? And if so, when in my skincare “routine”? (I’m not entirely sure you can class it as a routine at this point, but I’m getting there.) These are the kind of questions I’m asking myself as I look through all my crap. Why don’t I already know this stuff? Does everybody else? I thought I’d share with you some other stories of how I’ve failed at this kind of stuff over the years, in the hope that I entertain you, stop you from making the same mistakes, and more importantly someone will reach out and become my guru. Continue reading

Emma’s July favourites

I swear these always start exactly the same way, and I don’t really just want to follow the crowd but ‘how the hell are we already a week into August?’ I still think it seems like Christmas was only a month or two ago. I have so many exciting things coming up in my life right now so I find myself almost wishing away time, and its only when I sit back and look at the last month I realise how much I don’t want things to keep going as speedy as they are at the moment, really wish I could hit pause and take a moment to just really enjoy my life as it is right now! These are some of the things that have made this last month just dandy!! Continue reading

Emma’s Living Room Wishlist & Inspiration

I’M MOVING OUT!!!! (and I’m a little excited about it) One thing that I have realised is that moving out is really really expensive, it seems to be a lot more expensive than moving out as a student, maybe that’s because I’m moving on my own this time, or maybe its because council tax, deposit, rent in my home town, furniture and all the other costs associated are just RIDIC!

This does all mean that I can only afford to furnish with the basics (and I’ll be living off toast and beans for a while) but that hasn’t stopped me searching the web for things I would love to be able to buy! I now have long lists of things I want for birthdays, Christmas and any other present giving celebration I can muster. I thought I’d share with you some of my ideas. Continue reading

8 things we wish we knew before we finished university.

As you already know, we both recently graduated. Since being back home, one of us has managed to rewatch all 5 seasons of 90210 (cough Emma cough), and has become addicted to Love Island. The other has also achieved great things…learning origami. Our parents think we’re super lazy because we aren’t working a 9-5 job yet (let us have this Summer PLEASE) and this is what we’ve learnt so far:

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